Real-time visual interpretation of human behavior in the physical world.


Unlock the value of data hidden in the physical world with computer vision and machine learning to interpret human behavior in the real world, in real-time, creating the customer experience of the future: friction-less, memorable, and targeted.


Privacy by design

At Advertima, we developed a technology that respects people’s privacy. We do not use any facial recognition or other biometrics. Moreover, our visual sensors do not store any image or video recordings.

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Bei Advertima haben wir eine Technologie entwickelt, die die Privatsphäre der Menschen respektiert. Wir verwenden keine Gesichtserkennung oder andere biometrische Verfahren. Darüber hinaus speichern unsere visuellen Sensoren keine Bild- oder Videoaufnahmen.

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How Advertima’s smart digital signage and retail AI solutions increase revenue

Unlock the value of data

Increase revenue with audience analytics from the real, physical world via our digital signage solution.

Create engaging experiences

Our smart digital signage and retail AI solutions delivers relevant content with real-time targeting.

Deliver true omnichannel

Connect your customers’ physical and digital worlds to create a seamless omni-channel experience.

Build customer loyalty

Increase revenue by offering individualized and targeted content versus generic mass marketing.

Get ahead of the trend

Don’t wait for other brands to do it first. Elevate your reputation with visionary technology.

Trusted by the world’s leading companies

What we do: Smart digital signage & retail AI

Advertima’s proprietary technology is powered by computer vision and machine learning to interpret human behaviour in the real world for in-depth targeting, performance reports, and audience analytics.

The Advertima Smart Signage Solution

Unlock the value of data

Our Smart Signage technology enables programmatic targeting and measurement of campaign performance with Visual 3D Sensors, full-body motion detection, skeletal information, and walking paths. This access to high-quality data allows brands and retailers to deliver targeted, dynamic, and real-time content to audiences, while increasing digital advertising RoI for advertisers and available inventory for media owners to sell or offer.

The Advertima Autonomous Store

The future of physical retail

Advertima’s Autonomous Store delivers a customer-centric and frictionless solution accessible to any retailer globally. Together with our Smart Signage and Analytics powered by computer vision and machine learning, we create outstanding shopping experiences that customers want to return to. No checkout lines, no cashiers. Customers can just grab and go via anonymous entrance into the store by credit card, with 24/7 shopping hours. 

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How our award-winning solutions apply to your industry.



Our AI-powered Smart Signage is proven to increase in-store revenue by at least 10.5%, targeting audiences with real-time, relevant, dynamic content.



The world’s leading grocers use Smart Signage to increase basket size through targeted content, and by creating new revenue streams through selling media space.

Shopping Center

Drive footfall into premises

Increase your rent revenues, access a deeper layer of audience insight, generate additional revenue streams, and create memorable customer experiences.


Increase ad revenue

Measure performance and reach of your campaigns, optimize your inventory to maximise RoI for you and your advertisers, and target your audience accurately.