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The Experience Management System.

A software that learns with every interaction & reaches out to your targeted audience.


Artificial intelligence teams up with digital out of home experiences.

As the world's first experience management system (EMS) Advertima combines machine learning, computer vision and big data to generate a positive and perfect customer experience. By linking the digital and real world through artificial intelligence, physical touch-points become more relevant again.

Experience The magic
of Advertima
We encountered a human need of reduction
and decided to challenge the market.

Advertising is annoying.
Advertima is change.

Our brain is already ad-blocking the physical world. That’s why we started to transform the necessity to generate a maximum advertising reach into targeted and personalized content and product placement with Advertima.

An undeniable truth: no more than


of advertising is actually perceived as positive advertising.

Source: Wirtschafts Woche / July 2016

An introduction of our technology and
its great, incomparable benefit.

Magic meets technology.
Boost the desire to interact.


Detection of Real-World-Happenings

The magic of Advertima starts with the detection of real-world-happenings. Due to several detection-devices, use of machine learning and computer vision technology, the Advertima Engine is able to detect people's age, gender, mood, motion behaviour and even fashion style. Connected to the web, the system includes: external databases like real time weather and trend-data to catch surroundings, even more efficiently. In a nutshell: we teach the computer to see, hear and understand all beings and happenings in the environment.

Reaction through Personalized Output

With knowledge about current real-world-happenings, the Advertima Engine decides how to react to the environment. Connected output devices like LED-screens, speakers and light systems are used to create personalised and unique experiences. Reactive content not only targets the audience but also adapts to behaviour and actions. Reactivity means - the interaction starts from the system and not from the person at the point of installation. This is a fundamental game changer and shifts the way we interact with computers.

Artificial Intelligence improves Experiences

Advertima offers multifarious interaction-possibilities by enabling each visitor to interact with our installations by using a smartphone, touching the screen, using gestures or simply talking to it. The Advertima Engine is an artificial intelligence, which takes human actions into account, analyses them in real-time and learns with every further interaction.

We provide screens bigger than


of length for the event-tracking as well as interactive & reactive campaign play-outs for your customers.

* We’ve got no limitations to screen sizes.

Create personalized solutions
for your customers - with Advertima.

To see people creating personalized solutions with Advertima for their own customers is filling our hearts with joy and excitement. Shopping malls, transportation companies, hospitals & healthcare - Advertima is made for everyone. Feel free to contact us, so we can talk about your ideas for your customer.

Advertima is a varied mission.
Technological. Social. Cultural.

Inventing new ideas at the front line of machine learning and digital signage requires two significant things: understanding your customers' needs for changes and the motivation to reinvent ourselves every single day by reaching out for new ways of collaborative working and living.

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Culture & Promises
to our clients and ourselves.

Since success will not be generated on its own, we care a lot about self-responsibility and the well-being in an open working environment. The ability to think out of the box for our clients and their customers is based on an intense team spirit. It all happens in a professional, motivating and friendly working atmosphere for everyone.

  • Holacracy

    Holacracy is a new way of running an organization that removes power from a management hierarchy and distributes it across peers. We work autonomously and without any micromanagement which improves our and our customer’s collaboration workflow.


    Our team works with the lean methodology which is a customer centric way to continuously improve processes by eliminating irrelevant steps in everything we do. It is based on the ideas of “Continuous Incremental Improvement” and “Respect for People.”

    International Team

    We are an international team of 17 people from 11 countries speaking 18 languages fluently. We worked in over 14 countries and acquired specialized knowledge which enables us to think beyond today´s limits of opportunities in our fields.

    Cutting Edge Business

    Advertima is not just a state-of-the-art product, we foster cutting edge business opportunities. We increase society's already prevailing desire to replace traditional advertising by reactive and user-oriented experiences. The necessity to generate a broad advertising reach is compressed into targeted contents for all audiences.

    Transparent Communication

    A fully transparent communication is why our great team is passionate and efficiently handles our workload to a minimum. It’s not just SLACK and SKYPE that makes it transparent, it’s our team´s proactive and open communication that make us well-organized and enables us to quickly take major decision.

  • Sacred Privacy

    Protecting privacy is our main goal. We demand to be audited on highest interests in privacy. That’s what we stand for and won't allow anybody to seize the principles of privacy and self-determination of human beings.

    Positive Experience

    Our energy focuses on enabling positive experiences for everyone. The world we're creating is positive, good, engaging and friendly.

    Thriving Diversity

    We believe in a multifarious layered world, where diversity is celebrated and allows individuality to thrive.

    Open Technology

    Openness flows though our veins. We invite others not only to be part of our new world but to participate proactively. Human beings are the centre of our world. Technology is here to make our lives better.

    Transparent Business

    Our business is transparent. We don't have competitors – we have potential partners. We seek conversations and strive for new solutions, which will advance our society.


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Experts in our business - friends & entrepreneurs at our hearts.

We food, celebrate every little success like rockstars, but ultimately we work way harder than anyone else to achieve our customer´s as well as our own goals.

To achieve an ideal work-life balance our business foundation is build upon trust, transparent communication and readiness to make decisions, which shape the future of our business and help us grow alongside each other – both professionally and personally.

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