Advertima is a varied mission.
Technological. Social. Cultural.

Inventing new ideas at the front line of machine learning and digital signage requires two significant things: understanding your customers' needs for changes and the motivation to reinvent ourselves every single day by reaching out for new ways of collaborative working and living.

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Culture & Promises
to our clients and ourselves.

Since success will not be generated on its own, we care a lot about self-responsibility and the well-being in an open working environment. The ability to think out of the box for our clients and their customers is based on an intense team spirit. It all happens in a professional, motivating and friendly working atmosphere for everyone.

  • Holacracy

    Holacracy is a new way of running an organization that removes power from a management hierarchy and distributes it across peers. We work autonomously and without any micromanagement, which improves our own as well as our customer’s collaboration-workflow.


    Our team works in compliance with the lean methodology. Lean is a customer-centric methodology used to continuously improve any process through the elimination of waste in everything we do. It is based on the ideas of “Continuous Incremental Improvement” and “Respect for People.”

    International Team

    We are an international team of 40 people, which is brought together from more than 20 nationalities and capable of speaking 18 languages fluently. We worked in over 14 countries and acquired specialized knowledge, which enables us to think beyond nowadays limits of opportunities in our fields of profession.


    Advertima is not just a state-of-the-art product, we foster cutting edge business opportunities. We increase societies already prevailing necessity to replace traditional advertising by reactive and user-oriented experiences. The necessity to generate quantitative high advertising reach is transformed into targeted contents for all audiences, in the out-of-home marketing.

    Transparent Communication

    A fully transparent communication is the main reason, why working in this great team-constellation is so care free and reduces our organisation workload to a minimum. It’s our teams proactive communication behaviour, that makes us feel well organized and included to every major decision and happening.

  • Sacred Privacy

    Protecting privacy is our main goal. We demand to be audited on highest interests in privacy. That’s what we stand for and won't allow anybody to seize the principles of privacy and self-determination of human beings.

    Positive Experience

    Our energy focuses on enabling positive experiences for everyone. The world we're creating is positive, good, engaging and friendly.

    Thriving Diversity

    We believe in a multifarious layered world, where diversity is celebrated and allows individuality to thrive.

    Open Technology

    Openness flows though our veins. We invite others not only to be part of our new world but to participate proactively. Human beings are the centre of our world. Technology is here to make our lives better.

    Transparent Business

    Our business is transparent. We don't have competitors – we have potential partners. We seek conversations and strive for new solutions, which will advance our society.

Commitment to Privacy

Advertima designed its technology with respect to people's privacy. It only processes the minimum of data to provide the best possible experience while it ensures that any person remains anonymous all the time. Advertima ties its demographic metadata such as age, gender or head pose to an anonymous abstraction which on its own cannot restore a person’s identity. At no time Advertima generates, possesses or accesses the information required to do so.

Globally Safe Operation

Advertima's compliance with the EU General Data Privacy Directive (GDPR) makes the solution safe to operate globally. Advertima was examined to be safe to operate particularly for the European Union and Switzerland.

European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP)


Our Three Privacy Principles

Advertima commits itself to three privacy principles for the development and operation of its technology. Not only to ensure legal compliance but also to consider the sensitivity of the subject and to respect the sentiments of our clients, their customers and the public in general. These principles guide all our decisions:

(1) Full Separation

Advertima’s uses visual sensors to create demographic meta-data in real-time without storing any visual information. The so-called Edge architecture ensures that any information these sensors detect is processed on the physical location and never leaves these premises.

This principle allows a 100% separation between processed information and metadata.


Advertima’s technology intentionally restricts its data collection. It does not generate the information required for its algorithms to associate a real person with one of its abstractions.

This principle ensures that even accidental identifications are impossible.


Advertima provides detailed information about the data it collects at the premise and on its website. Our privacy policy outlines as best as possible where data flows, how it is processed and what it is used for. If people have more questions, Advertima provides an in-house expert who answers more specific questions.

This principle ensures that any person, detected or not, can inform him- or herself how Advertima works.

Your Privacy Contact

Mario Siano
Head of Solution Consulting

Privacy Levels

Advertima distinguishes three levels of operation with different privacy implications. Higher levels provide a higher performance grade of the technology but in return demand additional levels of disclosure by the client. For all levels, Advertima provides standard solutions and supports clients in creating custom versions tailored to their needs.

  • Standard Operation

    What our technology does:

    Advertima processes data directly at each physical point of installation. Individual, anonymous attribute profiles are created but not stored. Only the generated metadata (age, gender, head pose) is sent to the cloud and made accessible for clients of Advertima in aggregated form.

    How our clients inform the public:

    Purpose and extent of the data generation at the physical point of installation

  • 24-hour Attribution

    What our technology does:

    In addition to standard operation, people can be attributed for up to 24 hours. To attribute individuals again without identifying them, attribute-profiles are stored for the same period. The attribution is based on an abstraction of changeable physical attributes such as clothing.

    How our clients inform the public:

    Purpose and extent of the data generation at the physical point of installation
    Notification about the 24-hour attribution at one or across several points of installation
    Information about the temporary storage of attribute profiles

    Example for a use case

    Lead Generation Through Gamification

  • Timebound Attribution

    What our technology does:

    The data processing is identical to 24-hour attribution with the difference that attribute-profiles might contain abstractions of static physical attributes and are saved for a time-period defined by the client.

    How our clients inform the public:

    Purpose and extent of the data generation at the physical point of installation
    Notification about the attribution at one or across several points of installation
    Information about the duration of storage of attribute profiles
    A mechanism to seek consent and to store this information

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