Real-time visual interpretation of people in the physical world

About Advertima

Advertima is a 3D computer vision platform provider founded in 2016 and headquartered in St.Gallen, Switzerland. Advertima visually interprets human behavior in the physical world, enabling smart spaces of the future to interact with people in seamless and meaningful ways. Their real-time and easily accessible data stream, called the ‘Human Data Layer’, powers their smart retail solutions, including Autonomous Store and Smart Signage. These next-generation solutions empower companies to create the customer experience of tomorrow: frictionless, relevant and highly-targeted. Advertima is fully compliant with the EU General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR).

Award winning technology

Our commitment to privacy

Advertima designed its technology with respect to people’s privacy. It only processes the minimum of data to provide the best possible experience while it ensures that any person remains anonymous all the time. Advertima ties its demographic metadata such as age, gender or head pose to an anonymous abstraction which on its own cannot restore a person’s identity. At no time Advertima generates, possesses or accesses the information required to do so.

Globally safe operation

Advertima’s compliance with the EU General Data Privacy Directive (GDPR) makes the products safe to operate globally. Advertima was examined to be safe to operate particularly for the European Union and Switzerland.