Artificial Intelligence

by Advertima

Built for the Complexity of the Physical World

Designed through bottom-up R&D to protect people’s privacy and to deliver capabilities that others cannot.

Head Pose Detection

Advertima uses head poses to understand the attention of people and to avoid technologies that compromise privacy. The ability to discern 512 positions per person in real-time ensures best-in-class accuracy.

3D Data

Advertima detects space in 3D which enables unique UIs such as bird views and transfers of virtual representations in real-time without compromises on privacy.

Proprietary Recognition

The Advertima Edge Engine anonymizes people in real-time. Proprietary algorithms use solely pseudonymous data to operate on an individual basis without the need to reveal any real-world identities.

Multi-camera Processing

The Advertima Edge Engine supports lean deployments with a reduced count of IoT devices under management. It merges multiple streams of visual sensor data into one coherent data stream on a single edge computer.

Body Skeletons

Advertima interprets per person 18 body joints to understand body language and gestures. Each joint is described in real-time with 2D and 3D coordinates.

Proprietary Edge Software

Advertima operates a proprietary Edge Engine Software for real-time analysis and targeting that runs on Ubuntu and deploys with its own device health monitoring.

Proprietary Decision-making

Proprietary decision-making algorithms allow changing the playout distribution of targeted content. Algorithms can switch on-the-fly on each edge computer to balance performance with ambiance and experience goals.

Multi-hardware Architecture

The Advertima Edge Engine is hardware-agnostic. It deploys on systems with ARM64 and x86-64 (AMD64) architecture alike. It either adjusts global performance or the active features based on present processing power. 

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