Designed to interpret human behavior in the physical world into real, useable data

Advertima’s Smart Signage and Autonomous Store technology has been developed with innovation, vision, and customer privacy at its core.

Technology that evolves with a fast-moving world.

Advertima’s edge-computing technology empowers companies to get the most return on investment from physical spaces with a focus on frictionless, customer-centric experiences. Powered by 3D computer vision and state-of-the-art visual sensors, our versatile technology enables a vast array of applications and retail solutions, including real-time smart targeting and measuring of campaign performance. Confidently gain real-world, 3D customer data like demographic groups, skeletal information, head poses, and walking paths to really understand your customers like never before.

Why choose Advertima’s technology

3D vision technology

Our proprietary 3D vision technology sees and interprets human movement in 3D to understand what is happening in the real world.

Versatile AI technology

Advertima’s AI technology is scalable and future-proof with many real-time applications used by a range of industries.

State-of-the-art technology

Advertima’s award-winning computer vision technology has been acknowledged as visionary and best-in-class by delivering innovative market-first features.

By providing continuous software updates at zero cost, Advertima’s customers evolve with technology's demands.

Innovation at the core

Advertima disrupts the boundaries of machine learning and computer vision to unlock the power of real-world data. The world’s greatest brands rely on Advertima’s market leading solutions to understand consumers in the physical world.


Advertima sees in 3D, which enables accurate people tracking and behavioral prediction.


Advertima’s best-in-class head pose detection interprets and analyses people’s attention without identifying them or compromising their privacy.


Advertima recognizes every limb of a human to understand people’s motions, actions, and gestures fully.


Advertima’s zoning feature allows the sensor’ s vision to focus on a configurable and defined 3D area to achieve best-in-class data quality.

Our products

Advertima’s technology uses computer vision and machine learning to interpret people and their behaviour in the physical world for frictionless, memorable, and engaging in-store experiences, with in-depth targeting, performance reports, and audience analytics.

The Advertima Smart Signage Solution

Unlock the value of data

Our Smart Signage technology enables programmatic targeting and measurement of campaign performance with Visual 3D Sensors, full-body motion detection, skeletal information, and walking paths. This access to high-quality data allows brands and retailers to deliver targeted, dynamic, and real-time content to audiences, while increasing digital advertising RoI for advertisers and available inventory for media owners to sell or offer.

The Advertima Autonomous Store

The future of physical retail

Advertima’s Autonomous Store delivers a customer-centric and frictionless solution accessible to any retailer globally. Together with our Smart Signage and Analytics powered by computer vision and machine learning, we create outstanding shopping experiences that customers want to return to. No checkout lines, no cashiers. Customers can just grab and go via anonymous entrance into the store by credit card, with 24/7 shopping hours.