Advertima Technology SDK

Add physical world analysis to your products and services to improve your value proposition and time to market.

Why now?

Why now?

Digital transformation is forcing companies to view processes and functions from the eyes of their customers. At the same time price competition is putting pressure on margins so that automation and digital skill expansion become a necessity to survive. The Advertima Technology SDK augments third-party systems with the most fundamental data source there is, human behavior. As Advertima capabilities grow steadily your products and services improve without the need for hardware upgrades later.

How it Works

How it Works

The Advertima Technology SDK enriches existing digital services and data platforms with visual sensor data in real time to capture the appearance, motion, and context of people in the physical world.


Build New Machine Interfaces

Active and passive human behavior can control how machines respond

Scalable Performance

The performance adapts to the available hardware resources where small sizes matter


Real Time Analysis

Visual sensors detect the appearance, motion, and context of people.

Real Time Processing

Advertima’s Edge Engine anonymizes, processes, and provides the sensor data in useful formats.

Real Time Enrichment

Integrated third-party platforms enrich use cases along the value chain in real time.



The Advertima Technology SDK operates a Linux-based edge computer for each point of installation. The edge computer controls visual sensors and either runs on an ARM64 or x86-64 (AMD64) architecture.

Network and Bandwidth

The edge computer communicates via the Local Area Network (LAN) with other points of installation or devices. It communicates via an online connection to cloud administration tools.

Device Monitoring

The Advertima Technology SDK comes with its own device monitoring solution.

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