Advertima Recommendation Engine 

for Smart Signage

Upgrade existing digital signage screens with content targeting to increase the impact of the signage channel.

Why now?

Why now?

Today’s customers are more mobile, urban, and socially connected. As they spend less time at home, digital signage seems to be a logical answer to reach them. But ad budgets are moving away to online where targeted engagements provide another quality of engagements for advertisers. The Advertima Recommendation Engine for Smart Signage helps the signage channel to maintain its significance. Targeted engagements provide advertisers with possibilities they only had on online channels before.

How it Works

How it Works

The Advertima Recommendation Engine for Smart Signage upgrades existing digital signage solutions with content targeting.


More Impactful Engagements

Content targeting improves the engagement quality and activation rate even for existing content

A Growing System

The screen network grows its skills continuously through a software-enabled technology platform


Real Time Detection

At each location Advertima detects the possible audience and the relevant people to engage.

Playout Recommendation

Advertima recommends the best content for each location and optionally controls interaction.

Engagement Performance

Advertima provides conversion rates for engagement that can be used for retargeting.



The Advertima Recommendation Engine for Smart Signage runs a Linux-based edge computer for each point of installation that controls visual sensors.

Network and Bandwidth

The edge communicates directly via the Local Area Network (LAN) with the digital signage CMS and other points of installation. The edge communicates via a 10-MBit (Up/Down) broadband connection with cloud APIs. The content recommendations are delivered directly from the edge computer so that playouts are not interrupted even if there is a temporary loss of the network connection.

Device Monitoring

The Advertima Recommendation Engine for Smart Signage comes with its own device monitoring solution.

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