Advertima Analytics

Prove engagements on physical touchpoints and improve customer experiences with better room layouts and products on display.

Why now?

Why now?

Today, the main challenges for physical retail and DooH are to provide consistent customer experiences and the right products on display. At the same time growing privacy concerns put scanning customer devices without their knowledge off limits. Advertima Analytics embeds a new layer for market research on your physical channel. You generate behavioral data for all customers without scanning any personal devices. Content performance data shows the effectiveness of the channel and proves impact to advertisers.

How it Works

How it Works

Advertima Location Analytics detects human behavior in buildings, locations, and stores to understand the motion, appearance, and context of people. It either operates stand-alone or integrates with other data solutions.


Physical Touchpoints Become Digital

Even cardboard displays become digital touchpoints with feedback data

You Catch the Non-Buyers

Advertima understands non-transactional behavior in the physical world

Prove Content Performance

Advertima generates data for reach in real time and measures contacts or views directly

Location Scoring

Provide the audience profile and reach of each location to bidding platforms or other data management systems



Advertima Analytics runs a Linux-based edge computer for each point of installation that controls visual sensors.

Network and Bandwidth

The edge computer communicates via the Local Area Network (LAN) with other points of installations. It communicates via a 10-MBit (Up/Down) broadband connection with cloud APIs and Advertima Analytics.

Device Monitoring

Advertima Analytics comes with its own device monitoring solution.

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