A message from the CEO: Announcement of Series A funding for Advertima’s Human Data Layer

28 July 2020 by Iman Nahvi, Co-Founder & CEO

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

A few months ago, Advertima celebrated its fourth anniversary. I wrote to our investors and customers about our accelerated growth as a deep tech startup, and our vision to become one of the foundational components that will power the Smart Spaces of the future. Today, we are proud to announce our Series A funding of €15M. This investment will help us strengthen our position as the leading computer vision platform that will define how the world will look in 2030 with the Advertima Human Data Layer

Since Advertima’s inception, we have believed that Smart Spaces – smart cities, smart buildings, smart homes, and smart retail stores – will soon be ubiquitous. What outliers considered “tech optimism” a few years ago, many of us as visionaries and entrepreneurs saw the beauty of boundless technology, where people and the physical spaces they occupied merged so harmoniously that it would soon define the new world ecosystem of the future. The evolution of technology and human behavior are symbiotic, and there is no progress without each other. We are now facing two megatrends that will be at the center of defining the future: 1) demands to make life more convenient, meaningful, and productive, and 2) to deliver these new models of living, instantly and seamlessly. Combined, these two driving forces will lead to the creation of Smart Spaces. 

To power these smart ecosystems and their applications, Advertima’s Human Data Layer merges the physical and digital world through 3D computer vision technology and machine learning. The future will be multi-layered, where the boundaries of technology and the natural world are seamless. As illustrated in the image above, the Human Data Layer merges the digital world – a cyberspace where information about the real world exists through communicative technology – with our living, physical world. Our technology acts as the “missing connection” between these two worlds by visually understanding people’s behavior in the physical world in real-time to create the Human Data Layer, an easily accessible data stream that provides real-world insight (such as physical appearance, body motion, motion in space, and visual context). The Human Data Layer will essentially allow people to lead more enjoyable and efficient lives without impinging on their privacy, and create natural interaction with the Smart Spaces of the future. 

It has been Advertima’s mission since the very beginning to bring the value of our Human Data Layer to a market that now demands our two core products. Our Smart Signage solution, which began development four years ago, has since advanced and launched across several countries in Europe, maintaining its status as a vision-powered technology through continuous development.

Our Smart Signage solution is one part of our Autonomous Store’s offerings. Advertima’s Autonomous Store will change how people experience grocery shopping, cinemas, DIY stores, and a whole range of retailers. Delivering smart inventory management, autonomous checkout, in-store analytics, and contextual content on smart digital screens will allow grocers and other retailers to maximize the efficiency of their stores, increase their revenues, and generate greater returns per square meter. Retailers can actualize an omnichannel strategy to orchestrate better experiences and relationships with their audience. Soon the standard for retailers will be holistically customer-centric: cashierless checkouts, no lines, individualized experiences, and real-time product recognition for fast, easy, and fun shopping.

“Our Human Data Layer is revolutionizing the retail industry and redefining how the world will look in 2030.”

While we believe that all Smart Spaces of the future will depend on computer vision technology for seamless human-tech world integration, we are first focusing on making retail spaces smart. Advertima’s smart retail portfolio has been developed with Switzerland’s largest retailer, Migros, and the international grocer SPAR, with great success. Advertima’s Human Data Layer is already being used by 14 companies across 8 different countries. 

At the time of writing, our world has changed drastically. COVID-19 has accelerated the pace of technological adoption and is bringing innovative solutions to the forefront of retail and other sectors as a means of saviour. As a result, the future we at Advertima (and our fellow visionaries!) envision will arrive sooner, and Smart Spaces, which have been seen by naysayers as a vague, science-fiction concept, is now closer to becoming a reality. Technology will get retailers out of the COVID-19 crisis, and it will augment and enhance customer experience, but we at Advertima see beyond COVID-19. The Human Data Layer has a vast array of applications that is not limited only to profitable means, but improving quality of life. As Advertima continues to follow its multiyear technology roadmap to first serve our target markets and their demands, especially in the next few years, we stand strong in our long-term priority and commitment of the Human Data Layer as an irreplaceable component in merging the physical and digital world, and shaping the world ecosystem of the future by 2030.

The Series A investment validates more than four years of hard work by our global team to make Advertima the computer vision platform provider of the future by developing the new standard of real-time 3D human data from the physical world. In addition to the Series A €15M funding, Advertima will also be investing a further €10M of our own revenue into the development of smart retail solutions to strengthen our position as a critical player in the wider ecosystem of the smart space environments on a global scale.

As always, I want to thank our customers and investors, and particularly Fortimo Group, for taking the leap into the future with us.

Thank you, to the Advertima team. You are passionate, determined, and bold, and always have an eye on the ball. I am proud and lucky to be working among brilliant minds every day.

For all of us – customers, investors, and employees – the next few years are going to be big ones.

Iman Nahvi
Co-Founder & CEO