FEATURED IN NETZWOCHE: A new Swiss DOOH booking platform is betting on smart targeting

19 February 2020 by Kevin Fischer, Editor at Netzwoche

Interview featured in Netzwoche (in German)

Wey, former Senior Manager of Business Development at Goldbach Media, and Advertima founder Iman Nahvi have teamed up to launch a new start-up. With their new DOOH booking platform, they are carving out a place for themselves in the digital signage market. Benjamin Wey explains how.

How did a long-time Goldbach employee and the founder of Advertima come up with the idea of founding a start-up together?

Benjamin Wey: It was a perfect fit. Iman Nahvi wanted to show how sensor technology and smart targeting can be intelligently employed in marketing. I wanted to use these technologies to bring together small networks and SME customers in particular and offer them a modern platform that meets their needs.

You plan to launch Adtrac in April. What sets your platform apart?

Our platform provides customers with a tool that they can use to independently plan and implement their advertising campaigns. The campaigns can be targeted to the relevant audience using sensor data. We do this using smart targeting technology that only triggers the corresponding spot when the desired target group is actually in front of the screen. This significantly reduces the wastage usually associated with digital out-of-home campaigns, while still being able to reach a broad target audience. DOOH is still a one-to-many medium. Customers can, of course, also book conventional share-of-voice campaigns, i.e. fixed placements in the loop of the advertising media being broadcast. What’s really cool is that the process is fully automated from planning to invoicing and customers can track the progress of their online campaigns.

What is your relationship to outdoor advertisers such as APG|SGA or Clear Channel? Are they your competitors?

APG, Clear Channel and Neo (Tx) have large premium surfaces in public spaces, in the city of Zurich for example, and in train stations, which no one else can match. Our offer focuses more on small networks at the point of sale and in waiting areas. We’re also very interested in working with these large suppliers. We’re pursuing collaborations via the Viooh and Broadsign Reach platforms, for example.

What are the biggest challenges you face?

Expectation management. When you do something new, expectations are often through the roof, especially when using technology such as big data, machine learning and programmatic advertising. But even the best technology is of no use if our customers can’t use it to achieve their goals. As a service provider, our main goal is to provide a useful and convenient product. Because we can only be successful in the long term if our customers are satisfied.

What remains to be done before the platform is launched?

We’re already using smart signage to offer targeted advertising packages to specific target groups during the launch. There is still a lot to be done to make the platform work satisfactorily for different inventory owners and customers.

What goals have you set yourself for 2020?

We’re a start-up, which means being an optimist. Our investors and partners also have very specific monetary requirements that we have to meet. Our main goal is to show our customers the advantages of smart outdoor advertising and convince them to use our platform in the long term.