Computer vision solutions unlock the value of data in the physical world (part 2)

7 May 2020 by Samuel Rogg, Business Analyst

Part 2 of 2: Computer Vision Powers Advertima’s Innovative Solutions

In the first part of the blog post, I described how computer vision solutions edge out other technologies in tackling the complexity of the physical world to obtain high-quality data. I examined how they leverage computer vision technology to build innovative applications in various industries. In this part, I describe how Advertima taps into the potential of computer vision and applies its 3D vision technology to power the Advertima Smart Signage solution and the Advertima Autonomous Store.

The Advertima Smart Signage Solution

Digital signage screens are embedded into highly complex surroundings wherein the environment is diverse and quickly changing. Whereas approximating the number of people in an area is a rather simple task, capturing precise real-time data about the audience, their motion in space, and their behavior is significantly more challenging. However, understanding the audience and their behavior is essential for advertisers to expand the reach and capabilities of their campaigns. With the real-time, accurate, and granular data provided by Advertima’s 3D computer vision technology, advertisers can target contents to their desired consumers who are currently in front of the screen and obtain in-depth audience analytics and campaign performance reports.

Obtaining the granular insights necessary to deploy such campaigns is no easy feat. As described in the first part of the blog post, device trackers and simplistic sensors cannot capture the complexity of the physical world. In fact, owing to the lack of depth perception, even conventional 2D vision sensors are incapable of sufficiently understanding the audience’s behavior to fully unlock the value of data in the physical world. The Advertima Smart Signage solution addresses this problem by applying 3D vision technology to interpret the context of any out-of-home screen, determine the position of each person in space, and identify their attention time.

Advertima’s Smart Targeting and Audience Analytics solution continuously captures the data of the audience frame by frame, from the moment each person enters into the tracking area until they leave. The captured data about the audience (including their age, gender, position in front of the screen, and movement in space) are necessary to determine the most suitable screen playout.

With this knowledge, industries such as retail, commercial real estate, and digital out-of-home gain unprecedented insights into their audiences and the performance of their campaigns. Moreover, using contextual content triggering, advertisers can show the most suitable content at any given moment, depending on the current audience’s demographics and positions in front of the screen. This solution has been proven to significantly increase the effectiveness and therefore the return on investment of out-of-home advertising and, more importantly, to significantly boost revenue.

The Advertima Autonomous Store

Before computer vision became available for use in retail, store operators had limited capabilities to automate their shops owing to the presence of heterogeneous conditions and a high degree of ambiguity. Whereas human cashiers can easily understand complex situations, simplistic sensors are unable to interpret ambiguous environments.

Autonomous Stores therefore heavily rely on computer vision to understand the environment. Currently, all autonomous store solutions use visual sensors and complex computer vision algorithms to comprehend their environment. The use of visual sensors allows neural networks to identify products, distinguish them from others, and even interpret human behaviors, such as putting products back onto the shelves.

The Advertima Autonomous Store applies 3D vision technologies to offer a consumer-centric retail experience that is not only frictionless but also engaging and enjoyable. Using the unique advantages of 3D visual sensors, stores can solely rely on Advertima’s computer vision technology. Moreover, this game-changing solution is not limited to the grocery sector; it can also be applied to cinemas, DIY stores, and an entire host of other retailers. Although Advertima does not operate its own stores, it develops the technology for the store operators that wish to tap into the potential of autonomous stores without needing to become experts in computer vision themselves.

Computer Vision is Here to Stay

Given the complexity of the physical world and the need to understand it, computer vision is expected to gain increasing relevance in the near future. Although the technology is newer than other alternatives, computer vision has already proven to outdo solutions using, for example, Wi-Fi and beacon technology and even 2D computer vision to unlock the full potential of data in the physical world. Therefore, we will see many more applications of computer vision solutions implemented in the future, many of which we might not have even thought of so far.

Whereas oil was the commodity of the 20th century, data is shaping up to be the lifeblood of the 21st century. Many companies are currently discovering the treasures of data hidden in both virtual and physical environments and in the combination of the two. In this manner of evolution, computer vision is on its way to becoming the gold standard method of accessing data in the physical world. Moreover, 3D vision has proven to be an essential technological requirement owing to its accuracy and data quality advantage compared with 2D vision solutions. Indeed, only accurate, real-time, and granular data can enable real-world applications to truly interact with people in the physical world.

Through its computer vision platform, Advertima is leading this wave by revolutionizing entire industries and transforming the world we live in with its 3D vision technology, starting with our Smart Signage solution and our Autonomous Store. I invite you to learn how Advertima’s computer vision solutions can help drive and shape your business. Our team looks forward to hearing from you.