Advertima and Digitale Mediensysteme GmbH extend partnership for in-store targeted advertising solutions

2 July 2020

Advertima Digital Signage | Smart Digital Signage | In store advertising

Advertima is proud to announce a partnership with Digitale Mediensysteme GmbH (DMS), a leading Austrian digitalisation partner who provides innovative in-store digital signage solutions for retailers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and wider Europe. DMS collaborates with technology providers, acting as a full-service agency that provides solutions from conception, development, and implementation to ongoing editorial and technical support.

The partnership will entail both companies working together to connect traditional digital signage with in-store analysis systems that use computer vision and machine learning technologies (also known as Advertima Smart Signage). Our Advertima Smart Signage solution, as demonstrated in a recent case study, proved to help SPAR, a global grocery retailer, increase their sales by 10.5%, engagement by three times, and enhance the shopping experience for the customer. Using 3D visual sensors, our technology gathers anonymous data of shoppers (such as age, gender, attention span, body position and audience size), and is then analysed by AI to trigger content that is relevant to that detected audience in real-time. The visual data collected is all anonymised, no images are recorded or stored, and our system is built from the ground up to be GDPR compliant. The solution can be implemented as a first-time installation of digital signage or as a light-touch solution by upgrading existing digital screens, in which DMS and Advertima will partner to execute accordingly to retailers’ in-store goals.

DMS Founder Michael Buchacher says, “We’re thrilled to continue our successful partnership with Advertima to offer the latest computer vision solutions from Advertima which we can adapt to our customers.”

“Our solutions enable target group-focused and highly efficient communication with customers in the store,” says Co-founder and CEO of Advertima, Iman Nahvi. “This means that advertising expenditures can be spent more efficiently, and success is measurable more quickly. Real-time audience analytics provides retail chains with new sources of revenue – for example, by specifically promoting particular products of individual manufacturers.”